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B Hoppy Candy – The Original Hop Flavored Candy

Welcome back! This week I wanted to welcome yet another new sponsor to the Fermented Artistry family, and they certainly have one interesting product on their hands you should not miss! So last Wednesday I was working at my local home brew store (Scotzin Brothers) when a gentleman walked through the door I have never seen before. He came arms loaded with grocery bags filled with something and a teddy bear that sat inside a old copper dish which was covered with patina. This was was no ordinary customer I could tell, he explained that he was on his way to a beer festival to sell hop flavored candy. I had to do a double take, did he say hop flavored hard candy ?!?

Well to to my great surprise, he opened one of the bags he brought in and it was loaded with different flavors of candies that were created from various hop strains. I decided to play it safe and try one that was supposed to resemble Cascade hops. I was literally blown out of my seat when I tasted this, it has such floral and citrusy flavors that were identical to a fresh hop cone without creating any of the residual bitterness.  I had just felt like I chugged a mug of Imperial IPA and didn’t have the huge buzz associated with it.

Suddenly ideas began running through my head of when these would be a perfect occasion for, and to put it shortly I had a huge list of when I could use a refreshing hop fix but can’t have a beer. For instance, I find that I realy enjoy them when I’m driving (even better in traffic), out at a store with my wife, work, or even church. Yes, it’s like having a fresh IPA in church without all the sin!

After some chatting with Bob for a little bit, we came to a mutual partnership where he will be the official candy sponsor of  Fermented Artistry and he also loves to help and promote what we do here. So in recognition of this special partnership I want to give away a lucky reader a 4oz pack of  hop candy for you to try and see what you think! In the prize pack I will include both Cascade and Kent Golding flavors. I will be drawing the winner on Tuesday November 1st 5PM EST.

Since this company is rather new Bob Bero at B-Hoppy Candy does not have a formal website yet but he is always taking orders via phone or email you can reach him at:

Bob Bero


*Various and customizable quantity orders are accepted and welcomed-No minimum needed

So you want to enter our give away? Here is how you can win:

1. Send out a tweet saying: @fermentedart Enter me in the hop candy giveaway! #BHoppyCandy

2. Or send a email to stating you want a    chance to win the candy.

Good Luck!


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  1. Paul Field
    December 21, 2011


    You said “Yes, it’s like having a fresh IPA in church without all the sin!”, but the truth is, the church used to get people to go to mass because they would get a beer after the service. So, really, you are just keeping the history alive.

    I hope you keep up the good work and keep spreading the “gospel” of craft beer.

    Many thanks



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